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Our Carleton Place Web Design services are created to capture your customers attention. Get a website you love or your money back — no questions asked.

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Is your web design outdated and underperforming?

These are the most common web design complaints we hear from our customers in Carleton Place:

Our website isn't generating traffic

Let's transform your website into a profitable asset that drives business growth and profits.

Our website is outdated

Your competitors have a more polished marketing website and it's overshadowing your expertise.

Our website isn't mobile friendly

Most customers are browsing on their phones. Embrace a mobile-friendly design that captures every visitor.

Why our Carleton Place Web Design Clients Prefer VixelStudio

Barrhaven Web Design
Quick Turnaround Time
We pride ourselves on working fast — we can launch your new website in as little as 25 days.
With VixelStudio, you get web design services, SEO, and graphic design to simplify your project.
Measured by ROI
We're not just about looks; our websites get you leads and ensure a return on your investment.
Don't Pay Until You're Satisfied
We're so confident you'll love our work that we offer a 30-day guarantee — no questions asked.
Quick Turnaround Time
We pride ourselves on working fast — we can launch your new website in as little as 14 days.
No need to juggle multiple agencies in Carleton Place. With us, you get web design, SEO, and graphic design, simplifying your journey.
Measured by ROI
We're not just about looks, our websites amplify lead generation, ensuring a tangible return on your investment.
Don't Pay Until You're Satisfied
We're so confident that you'll love our work that we offer a 30 day guarantee — no questions asked.

Our Carleton Place Web Design Prices

Discover our transparent pricing structure



For small & local businesses
Includes 5 pages, additional $400 per page

Maximum of 10 Pages
Social Media Integration
Photo Sourcing
Mobile Responsive
Contact Form
2 Rounds of Revisions


For small & medium sized businesses
Includes 10 pages, additional $300 per page

Maximum of 20 Pages
Photography Session
Videography Session
E-commerce Integration
Website Training
3 Rounds of Revisions
Plus Basic Features


For large corporations
No page limit

Fully Custom Website
Custom Mock-up
Priority Support
Advanced Security
Multi-Language Support
Branding & Logo Design
Custom Coding Solutions
Member Area & Subscription Services
4 Rounds of Revisions
Plus Basic & Premium Features

Our Simple Web Design Process

The first step in our process is to learn everything about you and your business and how we can help.

We understand how people find your website, what your customers seek, and your competitor's digital marketing strategies.

We offer you 4-5 design choices for your websites. Our designs are carefully chosen to ensure your website converts leads into customers.

In the meantime, we allow our clients to begin uploading all the necessary content for the website.

Our web development team begins the website creation on our hidden server. Once the initial design is complete, the client is given a sneak peek and begins the feedback process.

The website undergoes final revisions based on the client's feedback. Once complete, it's subjected to thorough testing across various browsers, devices, screen sizes, and functions like contact forms, navigation, hyperlinks, and social media integrations.

We walk your team through the website's back-end to familiarize you with all of the powerful tools of your new website.

We cover all content management scenarios and best practices on how to solve them, alongside search engine optimization techniques, to ensure adjustments are handled correctly.

And don’t worry; we record this session to ensure you can always go back and refer to it.

All websites include complementary software updates and bug fixes for a week after launching your brand-new website. During this time, we're ready to address any questions and will use our monitoring software to ensure your website is always online.

Following the launch of your website, we work with you to create a customized maintenance plan to keep your website in shape.

Our Carleton Place Web Designs in Display

Standout creations that merge design, functionality, and client vision seamlessly.


Streaming Platform

Altruistic Accounting

Accounting Firm

Jeffery Straker


Custom Interlock

Interlocking Contractor

Westwood Carpentry

Carpentry Contractor

NextGen Landscaping

Landscaping Contractor

Carleton Place Success Stories

Our Carleton Place Web Design Project Showcase

See the transformation and before-and-after of our client and it's impact for our Clients.

Industries we do Web Design in Carleton Place with:
Healthcare Food Legal Finance Retail Technology Real Estate Entertainment Tourism Automotive Construction Education Non-Profit Manufacturing

Our experience spans industries and breaks boundaries. Below are some industries we work with in Carleton Place, but our capabilities don't end there.

Clinics, Pharmaceuticals, Dentistry
Restaurants, Catering, Food Trucks
E-commerce, Brick & Mortar, Boutiques
Law Firms, Paralegals, Legal Tech
Real Estate
Agents, Property Management, Brokers
Charities, NGOs, Foundations
Building, Renovation, Consulting
Schools, Online Courses, Tutoring
Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies
Clinics, Pharmaceuticals, Dentistry
Law Firms, Paralegals, Legal Tech
Building, Renovation, Consulting
Library - SEO Search Engine Optimization Ottawa Toronto
Surgeons - SEO Search Engine Optimization Ottawa Toronto
Construction Buildings - SEO Search Engine Optimization Ottawa Toronto

Frequently asked Carleton Place Web Design questions

General Questions

Seeking insights into our operations? Explore commonly raised topics to get a fuller understanding of who we are and how we operate.

Our roots are firmly planted in the heart of downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Beyond web design, our diverse offerings include SEO, logo design, branding, web maintenance, and hosting. We strive to provide a comprehensive suite of services to cater to your digital needs.

We prioritize our clients' satisfaction. Unlike many agencies that charge upfront, with us, you only pay once you're fully satisfied with our work. It's our commitment to ensuring you're happy with the results we deliver.

You can view our range of previous work and successful projects on our portfolio page. It’s a reflection of our expertise and the trust our clients place in us.

No, you don't need to be in Ottawa. While we love our local clients, we're equipped to collaborate with clients from anywhere through video calls, ensuring seamless communication no matter the distance.

Carleton Place Web Design Questions

Before reaching out, take a moment to browse common inquiries – your answer might be just a scroll away.

The process of designing, reviewing, and launching a website usually takes between 30-60 days. We prioritize quality and want to ensure you get the website exactly how you envisioned it.

No, we only require a one-time payment for the completed website. You will only have to pay a monthly fee to host your website through us or another service provider. Hosting services cost between $10 - $25 per month.

WordPress is our CMS of choice. It offers the flexibility our clients need with robust security.

Absolutely. We use our search engine optimization checklist after completing each website. We recommend checking out our detailed SEO pricing to get you higher on search engines.

Yes. Our web designs are created with user-friendliness in mind. WordPress is easy to edit. We also provide tutorial sessions and instructional videos to help you edit your website.

Yes, every web design project we undertake is optimized for mobile responsiveness.

Absolutely. Client collaboration is the foundation of our approach as web designers. We provide various web design templates and website inspirations, allowing our clients to guide us in creating the website they've envisioned.

Yes. Regarding web design projects that involve redesigns, we prioritize preserving your existing content. We have the expertise to migrate all your content to the new design seamlessly.

Certainly. When it comes to web design projects that involve redesigns, we prioritize preserving your existing content. We have the expertise to seamlessly migrate all your content to the new design.

Email us at  and we'll schedule a consultation call right away!

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